Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a little sack of comfort...

the day is so very dark and rainy.  but also quite beautiful.  the way the rain collects on my window.  the deep gray of the sky.  the storm outside and the quiet inside...

the power has been flickering on and off all day.  and finally, i just turned everything off and set myself up near the window.  i'm putting together a little amulet pouch.  i got this idea from the book Nomad by Sibella Court.  i love this book and also her other book Etcetera.  every time i read through them, i see something i hadn't noticed before.  so the pouch...  the author wrote about how she wore a couple of these little leather pouches whenever she traveled.  she stitches various items inside to help her feel safe when she is away from home.  i thought a long time about what i should put in mine.  i've been thinking about it for weeks actually.

and this is what went in...a little guatamalan worry doll - to collect my worries; a bit of lace and a pearl because those things are such a part of me; two pieces of silk, the color of the sun and the sky; a little scroll with a secret note to myself; a teeny, tiny yellow star, for wishing;  some pretty colored stones, each with their own meaning; a piece of sea glass and a seashell, because i love the sea; a single word clipped from a book - "truth", to remind me to live my truth always; and finally, a small gray feather, for my love of birds and all things nature.

i liked the rough look of hers, so i kept to that style.  when i was all done, it looked like a lumpy little bundle of stitched leather.  a bit uneven.  rustic.  like me.

to finish, i strung it on some leather cord very simply and added a small silver bead and a very beautiful antique button that i've been saving for something special.
so here it is.  it's gotten quite dark and it was hard to get a good picture.  but i think it is really quite lovely and i am wearing it as i type this.  i think it feels like wearing a little sack of comfort.  
so tell me, what would you put in your amulet?


  1. I saw her on a TV show about Anthropolgie shops...so fun to see her space~

    Love it...what would I collect-a special stone,a poem, a pearl, a piece of sea glass, a feather, a tiny leaf and a seed~ Nature is my muse and I would want elements of her gathered to inspire my soul! :D

    ooh, now I wonder which book you like best?! :D

  2. Etcetera is definitely my favorite...i love the funky cardboard cover and the vellum pages in between chapters...so cool.

  3. Thanks Vicki! oh, that sounds so pretty n' unique~
    I loved seeing her guest spot on the show. I so wanted to go live in one of the nautical rooms she created.
    It was wonderful, but so not the life of a mother! Ok, a mother with kids all grown up maybe...lol

  4. Love your rustic little sack,and all the things you put in, it's a charming piece.