Thursday, September 13, 2012

in case your luck runs out...

...don't worry, i've got a whole box of it in my closet.  this literally fell on my head today when i was looking for something.  a sign of some sort?  my daughter finds these four leaf clovers for me and i keep them in this old cigar box.  for just in case.

i'm feeling pretty lucky today.  my friend, Ellen, interviewed me for this feature on Poets United.  i met Ellen through my blog and have gotten to know her pretty well.  we have so much in common and it's always nice to know someone whose soul is on the same path as yours.  she calls me a "visual poet" and i love that phrase.  it really sums up what i do.

so, i've had a few more visitors than usual today and i wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog or my shop to see what i'm all about.  i lead a small quiet life and your visits and comments mean so much to me :)


  1. Thanks for the luck. Yeah I'm pretty happy with my name.

    Old Ollie - the Tired Monk

  2. Beautiful! My Mom always finds these, me not so much~ I knew your art would inspire wonder and beautiful words~ I am thrilled you allowed me to interview you~ I think of your art as a gift! I hope you find the poems as gifts, too :D
    So happy our paths crossed~

  3. I owe Ellen a debt of thanks for leading me to you! Lovely, this place.

  4. I love your art: it is quirky. And quirky is very good in my book :-)
    BTW, I have only ever found 1 four-leaf clover, and it has gone yellow over time. Maybe they breed them like that over where you live ?

  5. thank you kind :)

    Ellen and Aprille - my daughter has a real knack for finding them. she'll go out and find a dozen in just a few minutes - here, in VA and when we lived in NY. maybe 'cause we've always had lots of weeds in our yard!

  6. What a fascinating blog! Magical and different - not many manage both.