Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a little autumn and the winner...

autumn is really arriving here in Virginia.  the leaves are turning the loveliest colors of red and orange and yellow.  i love it when the wind blows and the leaves fall in a slow flurry like colorful snow.  only better, because it's not cold.  fall is my favorite season for sure.

yesterday, when i stepped out to get the mail, this branch was hanging by my door, so i snapped a picture and only later did i notice the little raindrop dripping from it.  i love that.

lots of acorns this year.  they make a tiny knock on the roof each time one falls.  and they are fun to crunch under your feet...

...but only if you have shoes on : )

i've eaten way too many of these lately and i would show you, but this bag is actually empty.  i've made a promise to myself not to buy any more, as i have no willpower.

oh, and finally, you were wondering who the winner is?  i got a little carried away this morning as i gathered all sorts of pink goodies from my studio shelves.  i've filled a nice size box with it all and tied it up with pink tulle and a pink ribbon.
and the winner is...
  Scarlett, email me with your address and i will get your box of pink in the mail to you.

this was my first giveaway and it was small, but fun.  and really, since only six of you entered, i want to send each of you a little something as well.  just a little tiny something that i made up this morning just for you.  to say thank you.  for reading my humble little blog.  and taking the time to comment.  and for making my day a little brighter.  so, if i don't have your address, send me an email and i will send out your little surprise as well.  


  1. Congrats Scarlett!
    Vicki, thanks for the giveaway! Your acorn pictures are lovely. I haven't seen acorns where I live in years, so it was nice to look at your pics.

  2. I, too love autumn best~ Beautiful photos!
    Congrats to Scarlett :D

  3. Oooo I gagged a little bit at the candy corn M&Ms - *shiver* :) I am an M&M fan but not candy corn, so the combo doesnt sound appealing. Im sad to say how many bags of pretzel M&M's I go through!

    Beautiuful pictures! I love this time of year...

    I think you have my address already, but let me know if not!

  4. Vicki,

    I love the picture of the leaf with the raindrop. I still think you should submit some of these pictures in a photo contest!!!! Happy for Scarlett that she won your beautiful prize. You make such special things. It's beautiful here right now but I hate the thoughts of what's coming next.

    Love, Eileen

  5. Laura, thank you. I could send you a bucket of acorns.

    Ellen, thanks.

    JJ, believe me, I would rather eat "real" chocolate. Sadly, it gives me migraines :( But I need my sugar fix, so I settle for the fake stuff.

    Eileen, thank you so much. You are my biggest fan!

    Thanks everybody...I'm wrapping up your little somethings and I'll get them in the mail tomorrow :)

  6. Vicki you are sweet!
    I have never had these M&Ms..I see them and they
    scare me...lol

  7. Hi Vicki,I received your INCREDIBLE PINK BUNDLE!! I love it ALL so much, thank you!!! :)

  8. Scarlett, you are so very welcome!