Wednesday, October 24, 2012

how to win friends and influence people...

i'm not trying to make you jealous or anything, but this is my snack this perfectly moist, luscious, red velvet cupcake with delicious, creamy, butter frosting.

my younger daughter baked these treats last night, late into the night, and this morning she packed them up and put them in her tote bag and hopped on the school bus.  lucky me - she left a few behind.  this has recently become a weekly event for her.  she is a freshman in high school this year and i'm sure you all remember your high school days.  some of us more fondly than others.  it can be really hard as a freshman - adjusting to a new school, making friends and just finding your niche...

and as she is becoming known as "that really cute girl who brings tasty treats every week" she has made some new friends.  and as she has gotten to know more people, she has started to feel more comfortable in her new environment.  and more confident.  and brave.  and i see my little girl blossoming into a beautiful young woman.  and that makes me happy.


  1. So sweet ... about your daughter AND the sweet treat! Looks mouthwateringly delish!

    Thank you so much for the lovely snail mail treat - really made me smile!

  2. Now that is sweet! I love what you shared. It reminds me of fresh starts and being unsure. Most of us remember that new feeling~ Time does make things easier and so does a bit of velvet!~ Hope she makes a lot of great new friends~ Lucky Mom :D

  3. JJ - all this baking...i have to walk more! you are welcome, glad to cheer you up : )

    Ellen - yes, we all remember those teen years. it's nice to watch their confidence grow : )