Thursday, October 4, 2012


a few weeks ago, i told you that i would show you some things that i had found on etsy recently.  not only do i sell my art on etsy, but i shop there as well.  i buy a lot of my creative supplies on etsy and occasionally i buy things just for fun.  one of my favorite places to shop is here.  she wraps each and every package, no matter how small, so beautifully.  she has inspired me to do the same.

i adore the little bundles of dyed silk that she sells.  i have collected quite a few colors and in fact, i have a large glass jar on my work table filled with this silk.  it is beautiful to look at and it adds that special bit of magic to my projects.   

i found this charming little harmonica here.  i love how she includes extra little charms with my order.  i used this little harmonica in the making of this book.  it really works too!

these elastic hair bands are comfy and fun to wear.  they look good as a bracelet too.  you can choose your colors here.

i love to get things from another country, don't you?  the wrinkly little envelope with mysterious stamps and markings.  exciting.  the little pouch is a nice touch.

i purchased this bracelet from an etsy seller in Bolivia.  her shop is filled with all sorts of cool bracelets and other jewelry.  i have a few other things in mind for christmas gifts.

these are not etsy finds, but i thought i would show you anyway.  from an unexpected stop at an antique shop this weekend.  i can never just drive past - if i did, i would then spend hours thinking about what i might have missed.  so i saved myself some stress and stopped.  i found an old tea towel to make ornaments out of, some shabby old postcards with writing on them, and a dirty, but fabulous lace cuff.  

this tiny little thing is actually a book that my sister made me for my birthday a few months ago.  she is a super talented writer and artist too.  we owe it all to our mother, who is also an artist and all around great mom.

it is filled with little gilded pages.  i'm still trying to decide what to write in here.  something inspirational for sure...

and that's about it.  these are my shopping adventures of late.  now i'm off to chop up my tea towel and sew up some ornaments...

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  1. oooh, I love all that you shared! So fun to see some of your shopping adventures~ I might share mine soon... :D
    I love all of it~