Wednesday, May 1, 2013

meanwhile, life goes on...

life has been busy, busy, busy lately.  time seems to be flying rapidly.  or has it always?

i had forgotten how full spring is, with school winding down and all that comes with fairs, concerts, prom, exams.  and a rather large event in our lives.  our seventeen year old baby is graduating from high school!  she's chosen her college and the plans are well under way.  there are forms, deposits, orientations, meal's endless and a bit overwhelming.

but i know.  that's how life works.  it's a good thing.  from the moment she was born, we had hopes for her.  to work hard.  to go to college someday.  to create a life she will love.  and she's doing all of that.  it brings a feeling of joy, but also sadness, that swirls together in a confusing mix.

meanwhile, life goes on.  i signed up to do an art show in May, way back in February when things were dull and quiet.  i'm now questioning whether that was the best idea, with all that is coming to a close at the end of this month.  but then again, i think it's been a good distraction for me.  

  i've been making all sorts of journals.  leather.  ring bound. large.  small.  teeny tiny.  one that fits perfectly in a beautiful little carved box.  and of course one or two stuffed with lace.  i have hardly stopped working at all, even at night.  i've been setting up a little table in the living room and tearing sheet after sheet of paper.  each finished book goes into a large cardboard box until i have time to take pictures of it all.  i stopped today for a moment and snapped just a few.  i need a good sunny day.  maybe tomorrow.

but anyway, i just wanted to say hi.  stop and smell the flowers for a bit.  it's so lovely outside here.  lots of spring rain and flowers and birds and bees and hopeful things.  i hope your spring is as lovely as mine is shaping up to be...


  1. I was happily reading your post, and nodding with every word, and I suddenly see the little carved box - what a jot! my mum had one exactly the same, from Singapore (where I was born). I haven't seen it for years (she died in 2000), but all the memories came flooding back! I must ask dad if he knows where mum's box is...
    happy spring, Vicki x

  2. Gorgeous! It was that way for me...agreed before I realized hubby would be home, school vacations and of course I had the flu. Life marches on and we try to catch up~ Your journals are wonderful and I bet you will be well received~

    Yes, happy busy spring!
    I hope it all goes smoothly
    It is a time of mixed emotions: some rain, some flowers and a gorgeous rainbow ;D

  3. Claire, yes i love these little carved boxes too. i have my own little collection of them, but i couldn't bear to use one of those, so i found a couple on etsy. happy spring to you too!

    Ellen, thank you. you need the rain to get the flowers and rainbows are a
    bonus : ) happy spring!