Tuesday, May 14, 2013

nature girl...

so, sunday was mothers day...i lowered my expectations a lot this year, as i have teens and they don't tend to think much beyond how late they can sleep in.  but don't be sad, hubby made me a nice breakfast.  not in bed though, as i don't like crumbs in my sheets.

it was a relaxing morning and i played some in my studio which always makes me happy.  but around noon, after everyone else got out of bed, i found myself getting a headache.  my daughters baking in the kitchen, blaring an AC/DC mix that i'm not fond of, my sons playing shooting games on the xbox, the dog barking, barking, barking.  hubby took him for a walk, so i hopped in the shower and when i was done, one of the faucets broke off in my hand, leaving the water stuck on, requiring me to located a screwdriver and then use it.  not my thing.  ok.  after that i retreated to the cellar where there were piles of laundry on the floor because i had a craft fair on saturday when i usually do laundry.  but at least it was quiet.  so when hubby came back with the dog, that's where he found me...doing laundry on mothers day.  he took a good look at me.  put your sneakers on, he said, grab a sweatshirt.  to the car.   

first stop DQ.  you need a Blizzard, he said.  yes.  that was true.  that's always true.  next stop the forest.  then down a secluded path and over several Indiana Jones type bridges.   you know, the kind suspended over a river, that sway precariously when you walk across them and have boards that look like they may have been gnawed on by termites.

through the bamboo forest.  so cool and quiet there.  the water was making soft water sounds.  just like those relaxation recordings they make.

deeper into the forest everything was lush and green.  we've had so much rain lately.  the way the sun came through the trees and shone on the ferns.  so lovely.

and  then finally...peace.  i just stopped and listened.  the birds were pronouncing their joy of living in such a beautiful world.  the leaves were swishing ever so lightly.  the water was burbling in the distance.  a calm washed over me and everything was ok.

and when we got home, the cake was baked, the kitchen cleaned and the music turned off.  the boys were in the backyard building something.  the dog was asleep.  i rummaged in the deep recesses of the fridge and found some hidden goat cheese, added some crackers, grabbed a blanket and my new Martha Stewart Living and went out to the deck.  for some more nature time.
all was well.
nature is like that.

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  1. I love how you had a Blizzard, ended up in a magical forest landscape facing movie like bridges and Martha Stewart made an appearance!
    ;D lol
    So fun to read and I want to walk one of those bridges and find calm!
    Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day...so happy you had a great escape-beautiful!!