Tuesday, May 28, 2013


cute right?  this tiny little guy showed up in our yard the other day.  he seemed very unsure and lost.  i've felt that way myself a few times, so i really felt sorry for him. 

as cute as he is, we didn't try to pick him up or anything.  we called our local nature center and they said it was best to leave him alone.  if his mom was out there, she would likely come back to find him in the evening.  and if not, hopefully he was old enough to figure some things out on his own.  i'm not planning on adopting him or anything, but he needs a name, so i call him toby.

his climbing technique was a bit rough.  we weren't sure he was going to make it.  my son got out his net just in case.  

his climbing skills improved as he went along and he managed to get very high up on a nice wide branch.  we went inside, hoping that he would find his way.  we did see him again the next evening, alone.  he seemed to be moving faster and climbing better.  i sent him a message to steer clear of the backyard.  our backyard is a forest, home to hawks and owls and foxes.  i don't want him to end up being dinner.  the whole circle of life thing which i really hate to think about.

we didn't see him at all yesterday and my kids, as well as myself, are all hoping he found his mommy or found a safe place to hang out.  and i hope he grows fast!


  1. oh he's very cute, your toby. look at him climbing the tree! adorable. we don't have such things in new zealand, i'm thinking he is a racoon? perhaps i am wrong. when i went to the states I fell inlove with every squirrel i saw! :)

  2. He is sweet! I hope Toby found mom and they are happy~
    Baby animals are so adorable

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, I do hope his mama found him! I just breaks my heart to see little ones without their mothers...
    He is very cute indeed :)