Monday, June 10, 2013

the rain and the rain...

it's been raining on and off for a week.  i feel i may be able to sail away in this little boat if it keeps up any longer.

it has poured down at times in a deep, cleansing sort of way.

i stepped out this morning between raindrops and found little gifts of nature strewn about the yard.

i collected a handful of these cicada wings.  i think they're beautiful... tiny stained glass windows.

all of the graduation festivities are over for now.  grammie has gone home.  my daughter has gone off on a trip to the beach with friends.  the other kids are catching up with their friends.  the house is quiet today and i'm slowly getting back to my work.  i do feel energized and inspired after my week off.  even though i didn't know it, i  guess i needed a little rest.  i hope to have some new things to show you soon...


  1. Time with family does this! We need that time out to regain our creative self.... :D
    Happy you are doing well!
    The wings are gorgeous

  2. They are like stained glass! i love that. beautiful post Vicki! a little window (a stained glass one) on your world. :)