Tuesday, June 25, 2013

two on the table...

i've been finding the most exquisite bits of lace lately.  well, maybe not just lately, as i am always searching.  i purchased three of these butterflies here.  they are so delicate and fine.  the seller was so kind.  i sent her a picture of one of my lace books, so she could see what i was going to do with the butterflies.  she owed me a little for a shipping overage and she asked me would i prefer that she send me a little envelope of lace scraps.  of course...i never turn down scraps!

 the envelope arrived yesterday filled with these beautiful bits.  etsy sellers are the best. i have so many great stories about the nice people i have met on etsy.  when i was first starting out making my leather journals, i ordered a few scraps of leather from a purse maker.  she said she would throw a few extra pieces in the box.  it ended up being more than a few.  she sent me a giant box full of leather - all really nice, all different and some really large pieces.  that was wonderful, but not the end of the story.  she said, oops, she forgot to send the original piece that i had ordered.  i told her it was ok, no need to send it.  but she went ahead and sent it anyway, along with another huge pile of leather.  i was so thankful for that and i still am.  it really helped me a lot.  it brought my books to whole new level and i'm sure that is one of the reasons i kept going with the book making.  and a couple of years later, i am still using some of that leather.

i've got two books on the table this week.  i'm kind of alternating.  this one is similar to the last lace book that i made.  i had a lot of scraps left over from that one.  all tea-dyed.  and all the excess paper that i had cut from the other one.  so i am making a small size tea-dyed lace book, but i'm changing it up a bit and using different leather.  i'm just getting to fun part of sewing on the pearls and buttons.

i found two of these beautiful doilies here and...  

and a whole row of these points.  old and delicate and very pretty.  

some of that will most likely end up in the other book that i'm working on.  this one is going to be larger, since a few people have expressed an interest in a larger size lace book.  this one is all whites, creams, beige, a touch of pink here and there, a soft off-white leather...  i feel myself stretching with this one.  trying new ideas.  i think it's good to continually improve.  and old dogs can learn new
 tricks : )

  speaking of old dogs, it's my birthday today.  i'm not too good at self portraits.  or any kind of portraits, yet i'm feeling brave today.  so here i am.  age 46.  and feeling pretty good.  a few sparkly silver highlights in my hair, but not many wrinkles.  still in good shape.  and overall, in a pretty happy place in my life.  i have three secrets.  i walk.  a lot.  i love dessert and i never turn it down.  so, if i know there is good dessert, i eat just a little bit of dinner.  i actually would like to eat dessert first, but i don't.  maybe not so good from a nutritional standpoint, but my thighs thank me.    and the last thing.  and the best.  and the thing that gives me "the happy".  i live an artful life.    i surround myself with art.  i dream about art.  i make art.  every. single. day. 



  1. Mmmm...dessert, a girl after my own heart...i too could start with dessert every time. Gorgeous pieces of lace and love your books too. Stay in that happy place xx

  2. Your projects are do inspiring and beautiful!! Happy birthday. I totally know what you mean about making something every day and how soothing it is!

  3. You look gorgeous! Happy Belated wishes-I love your projects and hope your day was amazing, like you! @>------------

    Happy Birthday Vicki!
    I need to live more this way...I am trying!
    ATB 2U