Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the graduate...

so, graduation was nice.  no, i didn't cry.  i only got a little verklempt when her schools' all-male singing group, The A'Cafella's, sang this song.   it was so beautiful.  i think, for me, the hard part will be in august when we have to leave her at college.  i'll save my crying for then.

we've been doing some celebrating here with grandma, who came down from NY for the graduation.  we're enjoying the weather, sitting for hours on the deck, chatting and grilling up all sorts of good food.  i'm looking forward to next month when we travel up to NY to see all the rest of our family and celebrate some more.

  when i look at the picture above, i'm surprised to see how big and grown-up they all look.  and i guess that's because they are!  life has sure changed in the last few years, but i'm making a real effort not to be sad about all the growing up.  after all, i've been here for every minute of it, no regrets at all.  and they really are turning into fine people to be around.  so, even though the house will be a little noisier and messier and the fridge will be a lot emptier, i'm looking forward to summertime.


  1. YOU have a lovely family! :D
    Yes, summer is when the house turns into a camp(I love the carefree feel of it)!

    Congrats to your beautiful daughter! Yes, I am like you...it didn't hit me, until college started! One day at a time...(((hugs)))

  2. Vicki, loved being there for Cass's graduation. Two down - Danielle and Cassidy - and now Joe will graduate June 22nd!!! Hope I can get to everyone's graduation. I am so proud of Cassidy! She'll do well at VCU but I bet it will be strange without her around. Can't wait to see all of you in July!

    Love, Eileen/Grandma