Friday, August 16, 2013

hi's been awhile.  i hadn't meant to take such a long break, but somehow time just slipped away from me, as time sometimes does.

  having teens is, at times, a long strange trip.  just when you get used to the idea that they don't need you, all of the sudden they do need you and even if it's just a temporary thing, i've learned to embrace those moments when they come.  so this summer has really been a lot about my kids.  our oldest had her 18th birthday a few weeks ago and we have been preparing for her departure for college, which is happening...tomorrow!  i am so, so proud of her and very happy to see her moving ahead in life and pursuing her dreams.  but i will miss her and it will be an adjustment for our family for sure.

the other kids will be returning to school in just over a week, so summer break is really winding down.  i'm looking forward to getting back to my routine.  it's nice to take a break sometimes, but i am really starting to miss my quiet, creative days.  my idea book is overflowing with the scribblings and sketchings of so many things that i would like to do.  and of course i've missed blogging.  even though i've been visiting your blogs, i've missed sharing little bits of my goings on with all of you.  so, thanks for coming back and i'll be talking to you soon...


  1. wow, you have beautiful handwriting! mine is like a 5 year old loony toon. no really :) Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. I have missed you Vicki-I understand, though~ My life has been an odd pairing of artistic musing with family change!

    My daughter's boyfriend moved into his place this week-a lot of tears and shifts in the scope of life! Love and your art will keep you warm! YOU will be the mom that is always sending your daughter heart felt messages and art filled notes and parcels! She will know you are with her~ Hugs!

  3. thanks carolyn - years of catholic school and strict nuns = nice handwriting!

    thanks for visiting ellen...yes, i'm thinking up some creative care packages : )