Monday, August 26, 2013

the unveiling...

yeah, so i know you're all waiting with breathless anticipation.  did we finish?  
yes.  that last coat of paint rolled on so nicely.  once it was dry and i could really see it, i breathed a sigh of relief.  no more dots.  just a nice, smooth, velvety green.  now that it's done i really like it.  we found some bedding in the closet that will do for now.  i plan on removing every bit of hot pink and orange.  all in good time.  i took these pictures this morning.  it's really quite dark.  

especially here in her "beauty corner".  we will have to add some more lighting.  maybe one of those light up make-up mirrors.  she plans on creating some paintings on large canvases for the walls.  i like that idea.

i wanted to do these "makeover" posts for my college girl.  so she can see what is being done to her room.  yes, erica, it's still cassidy's room too.  you can see that she's pushed the two beds together to make a large cozy nest for herself.  don't worry, i'll make her separate them when you come home to visit : )

the boys room took a bit longer as i had to go and paint all of that hideous orange molding.  and that is not something i wanted help with.  it took about 6 hours.  i had to go real slow so as not to mess up our paint job.  i'm kind of glad they chose black.  it covered in two coats.  i may go back and fix a few spots, where i think i can still detect the orange.  but i'm taking a break today.  that white dresser really clashes.  that may get black paint too at some point.  it's pretty beat up.  i made their duvet covers out of some cool (and cheap) black sheets i found at walmart.

i painted their closet with chalkboard paint a couple of years ago.  fits right in.

i painted the back of the door too because it was orange.  they had some ideas for the ceiling, but i had to draw the line.  the ceiling stays white.  so, as you can see, their room is very dark too.  very manly.  they are going to need some extra lighting as well.  

we are going to take our time on the decor, as i am working on a whole cleansing/purging thing with all of the kids.  it's time to declutter.  although, my older son found some old vinyl record albums at the goodwill the other day.  black of course.  we may do something with those, since they both love music.   

if you have any good ideas, let me know.  as long as it doesn't involve painting : )


  1. It looks great! I know at our class reunion they took album covers and made a wall of them-great art work on a lot of those covers. You can also melt the records and make a bowl or a clock maybe?!

    I am a green fan-so many colors will look great in the space! Art work by your daughter will be fab and maybe the college gal will want to paint one too, when she returns back home for a visit~ YOU did a great job :D

  2. wow. that looks absolutely stunning!

  3. Vicki, everything looks great and what a job!!!! Wish I had the energy to do some painting here at my house. I noticed the boys don't have the bunk beds anymore. Guess they're growing up! I like the colors. I'm sure Erica will come up with some artsy stuff to put on the walls and Liam is quite talented too. Have fun this weekend with the Folgers. Aunt Ann said they were all going to your house after Aiden's soccer game. Wish I was there to join you.

    Love, Eileen

  4. ohmygosh...thanks! i'm so glad to be done : )

  5. Love, love, love the final results!! All is calm and inviting rest and slumber...