Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my muse

Yesterday, my son were on the way home from the doctor. He finally got his cast removed. As we were cruising along, we saw a giant "ANTIQUES" painted on the side of a building. Well, of course we stopped. I need a bumper sticker that says "I brake for antiques." While I was paying for the silver treasures above, I noticed the poster behind the desk. For some reason, it spoke to me (it might have said, "buy me"). I think she is a beautiful old lady and I like all of her wrinkles. She seems very wise. I am going to hang it in my art room and she will be my muse. My son bought what I thought were shell casings, in a cool box from the 1930's, but they actually turned out to be live ammo. My husband laughed at me, but he says the kids think I'm a really cool mom, because I let them buy old bullets and other cool stuff. Which reminds me, while we were antiqueing in Syracuse a few weeks ago, the boys saw an old Red Ryder BB Gun (you know, like in that movie, A Christmas Story) and some pocket knives and some old lighters. I said, "You can have a knife or a lighter, but no BB gun." My mom gave me a look like I'm maybe crazy. And I'm starting to think maybe I am. But in case you are worried about the safety of my children, none of the lighters work, the knives are for display only and I'm looking for a shadowbox to encase the bullets in permanently.

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