Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We had a really nice trip to Syracuse last week to visit all of our family. It was fun to see some snow, do some ice skating and of course visit my favorite antique shop. These are the treasures that I found this time around. Some sparkly stuff and a gorgeous pink satin box, some lovely compacts, a crocheted doily and one silver spoon. The compact on the left is covered in mother of pearl and on the back it is engraved "To Mom From your devoted Son, 12-25-49". I just loved that when I saw it. It is in pristine condition, never used and I wonder why she never used it. I try to use or display my special things, I believe there's nothing worse than hiding the good stuff away - it's meant to be enjoyed. I have a wonderful collection of mismatched china and sterling silverware that I use everyday. Having four kids, there's always some breakage. I save all the broken bits and someday I am going to make a mosaic with it all (I almost have enough to do an entire wall). So go ahead kids - throw some plates!

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