Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new stuff is good for the brain

I've been working a lot in the journal above lately. I love this journal. I made it myself, so there isn't another one out there like it. One of my latest passions is making journals. I've had to start selling some, because I can only use so many. The one above was made using two 8x10 canvas boards and some book linen, all of which was painted black, before I drew and painted my hand for the cover. The hand image actually wraps around the back which is kind of cool and it really is my hand. I do a variety of stuff in there, mostly experiments for possible future projects. Above are a few snippets of some of my stuff. I can never seem to stick to one thing, which I think is mostly good. I like to learn new stuff and when I get bored with that, it's time to learn other new stuff. Keeps everything fresh, including my brain.

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