Wednesday, May 26, 2010

works in progress...

I'm making some little dollies with the old toy bowling pins I showed you a few posts back.

A baby wumpy in progress... He still needs his smile, because wumpies are friendly monsters.

I found these old blocks in my cellar while I was searching for a piece of wood, so I brought them up to see what words I could come up with.

Doing some gardening... This would be my attempt at a garden. I'm not a real lover of dirt or manual labor, so this is perfect for me. Some potting soil, a few small plants. I can move it around so it gets sun and my sweet husband drilled some holes in the bottom to let out the rain. I have basil, parsley and lavender. The small ones are strawberries, which I need to get planted in my special strawberry planter that I got for mother's day (shouldn't the planting also be included in that gift?) I really went all out this year and I also planted a large pot of daisies, but sadly, they are looking a little limp at the moment - forgot to water them, so no picture.
Other than that, just counting down the days until summer...

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