Thursday, July 29, 2010

i love doilies...

The picture above is a view of my studio the other morning. I thought the way the light cast shadows was kind of cool. I am still working on my studio re-do. It's all painted and I have shelves hung, as you can see, but I'm still in the process of organizing and figuring out where I want things. That all takes time. The other day was rainy and kind of dreary, the perfect kind of day for visiting a favorite antique shop. I found this gorgeous crocheted doily in shades of ivory and ecru. Love it. It inspired me to play with some other doilies that I have. I'm making some new journals for my shop with doilies inset into the cover. Also took a trip to the Goodwill for some "wumpy sweaters" - nice, scratchy wool sweaters to shrink and make some wumpies or other fun creatures. More on that later.

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