Friday, July 30, 2010

sand castles and mermaids...

I'm really looking forward to our little trip to Virginia Beach this weekend. I love the beach. I would go to any beach, anytime, no matter the weather and and love it. It has nothing to do with swimming for me, although if it's warm, I'll swim. I just love the natural beauty of it and the crashing waves and the little treasures to be found in the sand. Lakes are good, but the ocean is the best. When we lived in New York we used to go to Lake Ontario a lot. Very rocky, but I always came home with a pile of rocks and sea glass. And the water was freezing, but the sunsets were the best. When I was a teenager, my aunt took my sister and I to Cape Cod several times and once I took my hubby there in October. That was the best fall trip ever - with the beautiful leaves and the deserted beaches. Now that we live in the south, we have visited Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach and a few Florida beaches. Also, in Florida we visited some natural springs, with crystal clear, cool water. Three Sisters Springs felt like it was right out of some romantic movie - we had to swim through a narrow, spooky channel that opened into a beautiful lagoon. Our honeymoon was in Hawaii and I would say those were the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. But really, I've never met a beach I didn't like. I have a little fantasy about living on a beach someday. In a nice little cottage, nothing fancy. But for now, I will just visit as many as I can.

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