Thursday, January 26, 2012

i begged her not to...

i begged her not to bake these red velvet cupcakes, but she did it anyway.  my 16 year old daughter loves to bake.  she says it's relaxing.  i've never found baking to be relaxing.  to me, it is work you have to do to get something really good to eat.  but last night, when she said she wanted to bake, i tried to talk her out of it.  don't get me wrong.  i love baked goods.  i mean, i really love them.  i just can't say no.  but lately, my waistline is suffering.  the calories just don't burn off as fast as they did in my 20's. or 30's.  it could be that we just finished her last creation - a three layer toasted almond-butter cake.  so, here i am, all alone.  with 18 or so cupcakes just sitting on the counter.  i have a cup of tea brewing and i've made my choice.  i want this one.  the one with the coffee filter.  she ran out of paper cupcake liners and i told her to use a coffee filter.  i just bought these pretty (yes, coffee filters can be pretty) natural colored coffee filters and i actually like how this one came out.  kind of rustic.  and good.  so, so good.


  1. I have to admit, I couldn't say no to this, either :-)

  2. Yes, goodness like that is hard to resist! I love the coffee filter, it does add rustic charm! enJOY and then go walk, lol

  3. i enjoyed every bite...and did a little extra walking this morning :)