Friday, January 20, 2012

inspiration overload...

have you ever had inspiration overload?  it comes on when you have too many ideas swirling in your head.  too many projects begun, but not finished.  my desk is a clutter today of too much inspiration.  i've stopped to make a cup of french roast and see if i can quiet my brain.  maybe i should have made decaf.  i have several journals started - one needs a cover, the other two need guts.  some collages of silk and other old stuff.  a painty thing that is way out of my comfort zone and therefore i don't know what to do with it next, if anything.  a week long experiment in which i am trying to get an old book to a perfect state of wrinkledness (new word)...  in times like this, it's best to choose one and finish it and then on to the next.  a few more sips of coffee and i should be on my way to plain old inspiration.  the kind where i actually complete something.  hope you're feeling inspired this weekend...but not too much. 

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  1. Oh, boy I can so relate. I have it a lot~ My issue is finding the time. I am hoping tomorrow, but just found out, I won't be alone, as planned. Dec-Jan is the hardest time for me to create. There are so many interruptions in my schedule. I'm hanging on, yes, decaf does help! Your photos show such wonderful inspiration! Pick the one that appeals the most and continue... I look forward to your lovely creations :D