Friday, January 6, 2012

rx for two cupcakes and call me in the morning...

i made these cupcakes the other day.  devils food with peanut butter frosting.  what was the occasion you ask.  well, i made them for sadness.  don't worry, i'm ok.  i am just a little sad that christmas vacation is over.  i took a nice trip with my family - to visit family.  we had so much fun.  a whole week of no work.  no e-mail.  no laundry.  a whole week with hubby.  a whole week with my kids.  together every moment.  i know it had to end.  we would drive each other crazy.  and we would run out of clean underwear.  but it was a good week.  and i'm a little sad to see it end.  so these cupcakes are just what the doctor ordered for sadness. 

1 comment:

  1. It must be catching, I have the same thing, too.
    It is the blahs of January, it feels like cabin fever, but it is too soon. I hope this remedy cured you; I bet playing in your studio would do the trick to! :D The cupcakes look yummy~