Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wait, don't throw me away...

i was getting ready to take some clothes to the goodwill when this sweater fell out of the bag.  it was almost calling out to me.  something like, "wait, don't throw me away".  i decided to give it one more chance.  not good for wearing - too short and a big fat turtleneck.  but i do have a grungy, white pillow that needs a cover (never buy white pillows when you have kids or lovely, ivory and rose floral couches either, but that's a whole different story).  i whipped up this sweet pillow cover in about 20 minutes.  i just put the pillow into the sweater to get an idea of size, turned the sweater inside out and sewed a big square (no measuring - there was kind of a design to follow).  i left a small opening on one side.  then i squished the grungy pillow into it and sewed up the opening by hand. voila!  a nice, soft (ungrungy) pillow for my studio couch.


  1. I love it! I love it when ideas jump into focus!
    Or when sweaters jump out of bag ;D lol
    It is so comfy and beautiful!

  2. That's so lovely, so amazing at what can be done with old clothes. x

  3. thank you! it is very cushy. however, i was not too pleased when i caught my son sitting on it last night :)