Monday, March 12, 2012


i was quite excited this morning to find out that one of my most beloved journals made it to the front page of etsy!  the front page!  a first for me.  and i missed it, of course.  but you can see it on my sidebar.

i feel like i've come so far, since i started this blog a few years ago.  i was so unsure back then and i really had no plan at all.  i recently took some time to reflect back on where i started.  and this blog makes it easy to do that, as it is a record of my journey.  looking back, i realize how much i have learned and grown since then.  and even though i still have moments of doubt and times when i feel uninspired, for the most part, i am happy with this life that i have "crafted" for myself.  and grateful.

i'm grateful for being able to create and share and meet other creative souls through this blog.  really nice souls.  i'm grateful for those of you who read my inconsistent ramblings and keep coming back for more.  and i thought i should tell you that.  because it's nice to know when you're appreciated. so...thanks.


  1. I'm grateful to be your friend and be inspired by all you do! Congrats, how exciting!!! ;D

  2. thank you're so sweet!

    1. Love the soft poetry and matching pictures.

      Beautuful. BAN