Friday, March 9, 2012

words that make my heart soar...

i took my daughter to one of those frozen yogurt shops the other day - one of those fun ones where you get to choose your flavor or flavors of yogurt and then you move on down the line and choose your toppings from a "topping station".  i was actually feeling a bit guilty.  she had made some brownies over the weekend and after everyone left for school and work on monday morning there was one big fat brownie sitting on the counter.  so what's a girl to do.  i ate it.  later, when she came home, she asked what happened to the brownie.  ummmm, well...oops!  (sad look from her here)  so, a couple of days later, i took her out for a treat to make up for it.  while we were eating, i told her i was really sorry i ate her last brownie.  and she piped up with the most beautiful words a mother can hear from her teenage daughter, words that made my heart soar, "it's ok mom, eating ice cream with you in person is so much better than eating a brownie alone".  profound.

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  1. Beautiful and touching! It always fills my heart when I hear things like this~ My daughter thanks me for being her Mom... The sweetest words to hear from our children! I also think time alone with them is a treasure~