Monday, March 26, 2012

teeny, tiny...

i love teeny, tiny things.  don't you?  i have all these little scraps of leather that i can't bear to throw away.  leftovers from journals.  so i'm dreaming up teeny, tiny things to make with them.  today, i made these teeny, tiny book earrings.  so cute.  i'm working on a teeny, tiny pouch necklace as well.  that design is taking a bit longer, but hopefully i'll have something to show you soon.  i'm squeezing all of this teeny, tiny creating into the teeny, tiny moments i make between baseball practice and a knocked out tooth and visits to the dentist and a specialist and an orthodontist.  and track practice and shopping for new running shoes.  and music practice and concerts and shopping for black concert clothes.  oh my.  spring is always so busy at our house.  i'm really looking forward to summer...

1 comment:

  1. I love teeny tiny! I still have tiny books from childhood...I love them! These are so special and remind me of those little treasures~
    Yes, spring has sprung and it is busy, bee like busy~ Hang in there :D