Wednesday, February 24, 2010

rainbows everywhere...

I thought all of the rainbows were kind of cheery. I keep my embroidery thread on these neat old spools I found on etsy, my favorite piece of batik fabric, some new oil pastels and a journal page I never finished. I've noticed that most of my blog posts are color coordinated. Why is that? Does anybody else do that? I think I get it from my dad. He has his routine right down to certain meals on certain days. I'm not that bad, but... I like things to match. I only wear neutral colored clothes, usually something black or white or gray, sometimes khaki. And I like things a certain way. I have a routine most days. Get up, coffee, get the kids off to school, exercise, studio time, check emails, work on some art, lunch, blog, more art... Of course, it helps keep me focused, but still. Time to get out and do something exciting.

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