Tuesday, February 2, 2010

seeing red today

Our "impending weather" prediction from friday turned into another snowstorm on Saturday and the kids have been home from school ever since (we take our snow real seriously in Virginia). They really enjoy the snow and have been going outside a lot and coming in and going back out and coming back in and going back out... You get the picture. It actually just started snowing again a little while ago or what they call a "wintery mix" - all slushy and slippery, so I'm pretty sure they won't have school tomorrow. Oh well... I did manage to work on some valentine stuff. I made a tiny little red sparkly inspiration kit and some sewn paper/fabric valentines and I even tricked out my little striped bunny for Valentines day. The glittery heart hangs on my front door. The final picture is a gorgeous deep red book I found at an antique shop. I will probably chop it up and make it into a lovely journal. Maybe for you.

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  1. All so very lovely! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with the red book! Blessings!