Friday, May 18, 2012

my shiny little red car...

this is my shiny little red car.  but not really.  just for the week.  our car, the "love mobile" that i wrote about last month is in surgery.  serious surgery.  there were complications.  a one day procedure that has turned into five days.  so far.  and seeing as how life goes on anyway, i rented this shiny little red car to keep me going.

i didn't actually choose this car.  i went to the rental place and the salesman told me there were three cars available to choose from.  thinking that i was only going to have this car for one day, i told him, "i don't really care, you choose for me".  at which point he looked me up and down and  pursed his lips.  yes, really, he pursed his lips.  "be right back", he said and a moment later he pulled up in this cute shiny little red car and handed over the keys.  i hopped in and headed home.  30 seconds into driving it, i'm thinking, wow, this little car has some kick.  this car makes my car feel like she has asthma.   and no rattling, no squeaking, no whining.  whoa, and the brakes reeaallly work.  wait, enough of those thoughts.  i was starting to feel a bit unfaithful.  i mean after all, Berlinda (that is what our daughter named our real car some time ago) has been our faithful servant for quite a number of years.

when i pulled into the driveway, my younger son came running out.  "is this your new car, mom?"  "yup."  he jumped in and proceeded to check it out.  so clean and fresh.  it has a cd player - cool.  and a little slot for cds.  and all the lights work.  he was so excited that he agreed to come with me to my daughters' concert, just so he could have a ride in the car.  normally, he would never agree to willingly sit through a two hour concert.  but since i was only going to have it for one day...

well, one day has turned into two, then three, and now four.  actually, i'm starting to get attached to this car.  i mean, i look cute driving this car.  my husband said so.  never mind that i can only fit about one and a half of my kids in the back.  and i had to put the back seats down in order to fit all of my groceries for the week.  i look cute in it.  but seriously, we haven't given up on old Berlinda yet.  we're still hoping she pulls through.  i think she's still got another year or two left in her.  car years are like dog years, you know.  for every one of our years, a car ages 7 years which puts Berlinda at about 84 years of age.  not bad.

so for now, i will enjoy my shiny little red car, but i'm hoping to get my own faithful old car back soon.  you hear that mr. mechanic?  real soon.

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  1. I hoping Berlinda gets a productive make over and makes a great come back~
    I can understand your attraction; she is so sweet~