Friday, May 25, 2012

strange meat...

the other day, a man tried to sell me some meat off the back of his truck.  seriously.  there was a knock at my door.  i went to answer it and there was a scruffy old man on my front porch.  i grabbed a hold of my little corgi attack dog and opened the door.  i looked at him expectantly.  and this is what he said, "excuse me ma'am, but i was in your neighborhood making a delivery and i have some extra meat in my truck.  i would be willing to let it go at half price, if you would like to have it".  he said this with a real strong southern drawl.  the kind i'm just starting to be able to understand, after living here for seven years.

umm...ok...well then...  what sort of meat?  where did this meat come from?  how long has it been in the back of your truck?  half price? really?  half the price of what?  who were you delivering said meat to?  do i know them?  why do you have extra?  is there something wrong with this meat?  will i die or become gravely ill if i eat it?  where are you from?  do you have any identification?  does the health department know about this?

mind you, i didn't say any of this out loud.  all of these questions just raced through my head, while i thought of what to say.  did he really think i was going to buy strange meat from a strange man driving a strange truck?  "well", i said, ever so sweetly, "thank you for asking, but i don't really need any meat today."  all this time, my little corgi was putting on a good show.  i had him by the collar and he was trying to get to the man.  maybe bite him in the ankle or something.  i thought, what a faithful little dog, protecting his mama like that.  but then i realized, he just wanted the meat.  traitor.  the man shrugged, as if to say, "your loss..."  and that was the end of that.

you'll notice, the pictures you see here have nothing to do with meat.  because i didn't have any pictures of strange meat to go with this story.  so they are just random pictures of random treasures i have found recently in my daily meanderings.  and really, i know this isn't much of a story.  i just found it to be a rather curious incident and i thought you might enjoy reading about it.

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  1. It is strange when people surprise us like this.
    This happened once at my Mom's house. The fish man stopped by...I asked questions and bought the fish. It became a regular Friday ritual...the freshest fish I ever had. I can see did what you did. I asked questions and this man knew people I also knew. A different story or kettle of fish, lol
    I love all your finds and your insight! :D