Monday, May 14, 2012

standing in the beauty of rain...

another rainy day.  for the most part, i like rainy days.  but it feels like too many lately.  i think i mean that both literally and figuratively.  when i got up this morning and saw that it was raining again, i let out a deep sigh.  i was in the midst of feeling gloomy about the rain.  and about some other things that aren't quite working out right now.  at some point i dragged myself to the cellar to put in another load of laundry.  i was feeling tired.  and with the washer lightly swishing and the dryer warmly whirring i stood silently for a moment and just stared out the window.  in that moment i became aware of the rain drippety-dropping into the water that puddles up right outside the cellar door.

i opened up the door and stepped right into that puddle with my bare feet.  the water was cold, but it felt good.  i stayed there in that puddle for quite some time.

the rain was falling in a light and beautiful rhythm.

i noticed the lovely rings the raindrops made.  and the reflection of the trees in front of me and the sky above.

and i listened.  to the birds, singing their sweet and varied notes.  to the silence of the forest.  to my own heart beating.

and i thought.  about how some of the most beautiful things in life come after the rain.  about how that is true in life as well.

i stood in the beauty of the rain and made peace with it.

and when i turned to go back inside, i felt something sprouting in my heart.

something like hope.


  1. Beautiful...we do have to walk through the dark till we reach the light! I love that you just stepped into the cool pooled up rain! I can feel it on my feet, reading your words~ Hope is a wonderful feeling! Remember you found the rainbow today, even if you did not see it~ You felt it!

  2. what a beautiful thing to say...thank you :)