Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wearing brave...

i bought this leather cuff last year from jeanne oliver.  well, i never wore it.  i plopped it on the shelf above my work table in my studio and there it sat.  from time to time i would look up and see it there, that word "brave" always catching my eye.  one day, my daughter asked me why i didn't wear it.  and i replied, "i'm not feeling brave enough to wear it".  oh boy - that conversation really stuck around in my head for a while.  and made me think.  i mean, after all, it's not often that i splurge on a piece of jewelry for myself.  like never.  and i chose that one with care and intention.  because i believe in being brave.  because a lot of times it's hard to be brave.  and because i wanted to remind myself it's important to be brave.  and i forgot.  i forgot that i don't have to be brave to wear that bracelet.  that wearing that bracelet, for me, is brave.  so, i took the bracelet down, dusted it off and put it on.

today, i'm wearing brave.


  1. good for you!! brave is hard... and sometimes we just need a lil' nudge to feel just brave enough...
    i hope you go bravely into the day, and week, ahead :)

  2. I agree we sometimes do need a bit of a nudge. Other times we fake it, try it on for size and as time wears on, our attitude changes~ Glad you are wearing brave!
    I think I need to wear create, today! :D