Friday, November 23, 2012

a haircut of epic proportions...

he asked me to make him an appointment for a haircut.
  he said he was thinking of something a little different this time.

his hair had gotten pretty long, longer than mine even.  so thick.  and golden.

i settled down with a magazine.  there were gasps in the salon.   

all that hair now on the floor.

our neighbor, the one who always good-heartedly kids with him about getting a haircut, did not even recognize him when he walked past.  his cute little girlfriend squealed with delight.  his sister said it made him look taller.

i like his new "faux hawk".  a little bit unique, just like him.

now, i'm going out to find some really good gel.


  1. He looks good! His beautiful smile is more noticeable :D It is fun to make a change that surprises everyone~

  2. Ellen, yes, that shock factor is fun! He's actually looking forward to school for a change because he didn't tell anyone he was getting it cut :) Hope you had a nice holiday!

  3. Love Liam's new hair cut. It really does bring out his features - handsome features by the way. Can't wait to see him in December. Too bad he didn't have enough for Locks of Love!!! Also, love your photos. Who knew all that interesting stuff was in your back yard. You are an inspiration to me.

    Love, Eileen

  4. Eileen, I like his haircut too, he really is cute! Can't wait to see you. Soon!