Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thankful .04

i was looking through my most prized treasure box this morning.  it is a sweet little cedar chest filled with little notes and hand spun gifts from my kids over the years.  it's helpful for me to look through this box from time to time.  especially since i have teenagers.  it reminds me of a simpler, more innocent time.

my favorite is this little tin of "wishes" that my daughter collected for me.  she thoughfully lined the inside of the tin with masking tape, as this was formerly her special tin for collecting ABC gum.  for those of you who don't know, ABC gum is "already been chewed" gum.

there are some sweet little notes as well.

and drawings.

and little works of art.  like these carved "fairy chairs".

really, none of this stuff probably looks like much to someone else.    but to me they are great and wonderful treasures.  which brings me to the thankful part.

i'm so very thankful for my family.  they stick with me in good times and bad.  they love me despite all of my quirks and i love them back fiercely.  they make my life worth living.  and, as Martha would say, that is a really good thing.


  1. Lots of good things about your post! Wonderful...I love stuff like you~ One of my favorite treasures is shells from the sea that my kids find, seed pods and their special works of art and the letters to Santa n' the Tooth Fairy ;D
    I love that you shared~
    Happy Thanksgiving to you n' yours!

  2. Ellen - thank you :) I wish you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving as well!!!