Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i got hit in the face with some love...

i was taking my morning walk today and i walked right into this heart-shaped leaf.  it literally just smacked me in the face.  so i plucked it right off the branch and took it with me.  for my daughter, i thought.  because i do corny stuff like that.  i occasionally leave them little flowers or feathers or a little note by their bedside.  just to remind them that i love them.  and it's been a while since i did that.

a little ways later i noticed another one, this one a bit smaller, but very much heart-shaped.

and then this little pair of hearts.

and then a really big one...

it seemed like they were all over the place and before you know it i had one for everyone in the family.  even the dog.

i've been quiet lately.  sometimes i get busy.  and sometimes i just can't think of anything to say.  i like to keep things positive and inspiring.  i really believe in that.  but occasionally, as is true for all of us, i let my pessimistic side take over and then i have to take a little break.  to recharge.  to look for inspiration.  to get hit in the face with a heart-shaped leaf or two.  and that really helps.  so thanks for being patient and coming back for a visit.

i like November because of Thanksgiving.  i think it is the best holiday.  i like to celebrate it simply.  a casual dinner with my husband and kids and a few days of relaxation together.  just hanging out.  no shopping.  turkey sandwiches.  and lots of pie.  this time of year always makes me think about all of the things in my life that i am so thankful for.  and over the next few weeks i would like to share some of those things with you.  and i would love to hear from you as well.  so, i'll see you soon...


  1. Well if that isnt inspiration for sharing/blogging, I dont know what is! How neat ... and very happy its near Thanksgiving time too - its keeping life in perspective that counts!

  2. I love that loved smacked you in the face, lol :D
    This was heart warming to read~ I have been a bit blue, myself. I think the darkness is altering my mood...
    Happy you are back, we all need down time to reflect, gather and go back to the journey! I love that you leave special notes :D I have done this too...

  3. What beautiful heart leaves! It,s so cool to find things like that just waiting for you outside...and I love a simple Thansgiving,too....only two more weeks!

  4. JJ - thank you.

    Ellen - it was the best "smack" i've had in a while :)

    Scarlett - i love that the world is full of beauty just waiting for us to find.