Saturday, December 12, 2009

angels among us

The cover from a box that I found at a junk store.

Detail from a painting that I did last year.

A necklace that you can buy in my etsy shop.
I truly believe that angels live among us and I have a great story to tell you. As some of you know, my husband Mark runs the Boys and Girls Club here in Lynchburg. He is deeply committed to his job (this is his dream job) and he has helped countless kids over the past 20 years. Earlier this week, both heating units at his club stopped working, too old to fix. The cost to replace - $24,000. Not in the budget in these hard financial times. An appeal was sent out to the community to help with the cost. The next day, within 6 hours, the whole amount had been raised and then some. Wow. But that is not the best part of my story. One of the club members, a sweet little boy who comes to the club every day, heard about the cost and he came to Mark. He shyly reached into his pocket and placed a nickel in Mark's hand. "This is all I have", he said. Mark was incredibly touched, because he knows that nickel is really all that little boy has. I am so inspired by this selfless act. A true angel.

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