Tuesday, December 1, 2009

christmas-ey stuff

Now that it's officially December I can get into full Christmas decorating mode. The tree went up last night and even though I am a die-hard white lights only person, I let the kids talk me into stringing some colored lights in with the white. I'm becoming such a pushover! I got out just a few decorations today, I like to spread it out over a few days. I spent the morning making 24 paper pockets out of old dictionary pages. I made it real simple and just stitched around three sides and cut them with pinking shears. I included a nice picture of my trash can for you. Who ever thought I would end up taking pictures of trash cans? The pockets get filled with candy and hung across the mantel and each day the kids get to take one down and have a treat. It's our annual "countdown to Christmas" tradition. I also made a whole bunch of glittered pineconesfor the tree. There's just a few in the picture above. I am not too traditional when it comes to the tree. I try to change it up every year or two. I haven't totally figured out this year's tree yet, but don't worry, I'll show you a picture when it's done!

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