Monday, December 7, 2009

dog love and other stuff

Poor Dexter in his reindeer get-up. He thinks I'm nuts, but I know he loves me anyway.
It was a great weekend. Liam had his all night rehearse-a-thon for band on Friday. It snowed on Saturday, which made the kids jump for joy (even though it melted immediately). The Lynchburg Christmas Parade was also on Saturday. I have never been to a parade before. Mark is always in the parade with his group from the Boys & Girls club and Jacob likes to go with him. This year I planned on taking the twins so that I could see Cassidy marching with her tuba. But Liam was too tired and Erica decided to keep him company (too cold for her), so I ended up being in the parade with Mark and Jake. It was so much fun! I waved like a princess for a couple of hours and all the club kids were so cute. Excited that they might be on TV.
Today, I'm running around. We have a broken trumpet, a possible broken finger and all the usual stuff that goes on around here.

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