Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the importance of hands

Liam broke his finger. Now that the pain has subsided a bit, he thinks his splint is pretty cool. But his hand will be stuck in an awkward position for a few weeks. That got me thinking a little bit about our hands and how we take them for granted. He has realized that he can't tie his own shoes or wash his hair. Simple things we usually don't think about. He loves physical education class, but the doctor says no for six weeks. He is determined to play his trumpet in the holiday concert next week, he has a week to figure that out. I really rely on my hands - for all sorts of things - necessary things like driving and cooking and things I don't have to do, but really want to do, like art making. Hands are important. Today, I am feeling very thankful for mine.


  1. That is a cool cast Liam has. I wish I could have gotten one when I broke my ankle (Mom). Why is the cast so big? I thought they just taped broken fingers to their neighbors. Thats what I told Aunt Diane about her toe.

  2. I told him how lucky he was to get it taken care of right away! It was really bent, so they had to straighten it (Ow!) and it needs to be kept at an angle to relieve the pressure, then after that he gets to buddy tape it for a few more weeks. Fun huh? He's worried he won't be able to make snowballs when we visit Syracuse.