Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas magic...

A few pictures of my Christmas decorations... The colorful tree is the kids tree. In past years I have decorated the big tree all fancy and color coordinated, with lots of white lights. I even used to get color coordinated candy canes. This year I let the kids decorate the big tree. It was hard for me, but the kids were so excited (I think that's really what it's all about anyway) and it actually turned out really nice. Colored and white lights, all of the kids ornaments that they have made over the years, candy canes and popcorn strings and we put some of their other handmade things on the mantel. To make it all better, I decorated a small tree for myself with my white lights, some glittery pinecones, crocheted snowflakes and paper chains made from old dictionary pages. I put it in the kitchen and the simplicity of it calms me while I am slaving over the hot stove.

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