Tuesday, March 30, 2010

boy stuff...

I just wanted to tell you that I really am a girl of my word. I have been telling you about lighters and bullets and other deadly boy stuff that I have allowed my son to purchase. I promised to find a shadowbox to contain it all and I did. I found this great box, in a junk shop of course, and I set to work getting it filled and hung. I opened it for the picture, but it has a nice door that closes (no lock, but I trust him!). After I was done, I got to looking around and noticed some other cool stuff. Boys really do have cool stuff. It was hard choosing just a few items to show you. Right under the box of deadly weapons is the box that his live ammo came in, framed nicely by some deer antlers found in our forest and under that is another shadowbox that I made last year. These are all bugs that were found in our yard (too close for comfort if you ask me) and yes, I really did touch them all to get them pinned in the box. Under that is a cool old trophy that the boys dug out of our stream and finally a neat box, decoupaged by Liam. It is actually one of those thin wood boxes that brie cheese comes in. Liam loves brie cheese! My favorite part of the box is the fortune to the left, it says - Dessert CAN make you happy. Isn't that so true?

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