Tuesday, March 2, 2010

happy music

Isn't this doll head beautiful? I think so. I got it here. I have a few ideas for it and I will show you once I figure it out.

Some spring goodies I am working on for the shop. Should be ready in a few days.

The design process - slow. Kind of looks like a voodoo doll at this point.

Crunching on some candy today. I love Easter candy and since it was right after Easter last year that I discovered chocolate was giving me migraines, I am looking for alternatives - hey, a girl needs some sugar.

Had a great weekend. I took my youngest two to see a musical, Peter Pan, that was put on by one of our local high schools and it was awesome. The teens were all so talented, it just blew me away. It really makes me sad to hear all the talk about budget cuts and cutting the arts from schools. School (and life) would be so dull without music and drama and art. My own kids have really benefitted from the music programs at their schools. The learning and practicing and performing have given them confidence in themselves and their abilities and that confidence carries over to all the other parts of their lives... The other day, a neighbor commented that our house sounded like a band and that it was such happy music. A beautiful compliment...music to my ears.

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