Thursday, March 4, 2010


Fiber nest.

Found this in the forest behind our home. It's very tiny.

Spied a few of these sprouting in the yard today.

Even our fairies seem to be doing some spring cleaning.

Been doing a bit of nesting around here...making nests, that is. I've listed my little fiber nest in my etsy shop if you are interested. I am making them in some different color combinations as well and I should have them up in a few days. While photographing the nest yesterday, I took a few pictures of my hand holding it. Well, when my daughter came home and saw the photos, she said, who's hand is that, it's so wrinkly. Needless to say, I deleted those photos and used her lovely young hand instead. Other than that, just enjoying the beautiful sunshine today. I hope you are having a beautiful day as well!

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