Monday, March 15, 2010

guns and lighters and bullets

The kids were off from school on Friday and it was very rainy, so we decided to visit a couple of our favorite antique shops. The top picture is a Barbra Streisand Album that I scored for 25 cents. I think I may hang it in my art studio. I love the butterflies on this old doily. The salt and pepper shakers are tiny - an inch and a half. More books, of course. And just to keep things interesting, I allowed Jacob to purchase this old toy cap gun and Liam bought some more lighters for his collection. Oh and also a few old bullets (not live this time). I swear I really am a good mom (at least my kids think so). As soon as I get the bullets encased (along with the last bunch he bought), I'll show you. And since the lighter collection has really taken off, I am now looking for something to contain them. I just finished a cool art journal out of one of the cabinet cards from my last post. You can see it to the right in my shop.

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